Friday, May 25, 2012

Don't vote Green until they drop the anti-science zealotry – Telegraph Blogs

The Tele gets it right:

This is one of those agonised posts. I actually like the Green Party. My dad used to be, and may still be, a member. They're well-meaning and many of them share my taste for unkempt beards. I think I put Jenny Jones as my first choice in the London mayoral elections.
But the trouble is that they're scientifically illiterate and have what seems to be a fear of technological process. The one big thing they've got right, that anthropogenic climate change is a threat to human wellbeing, they seem to have got right by accident.
Today they've reached a possible new low. That self-same Jenny Jones, recipient of the Chivers vote, is to appear at the "Take the Flour Back" protest at Rothamstead Research, which is intending to "decontaminate" – which is to say vandalise – an ongoing experiment into genetically modified wheat. (Thanks to Mark Lynas for the heads-up.)
This is ugly, idiotic Ludditism. The research is non-profit. It is attempting to find ways to make wheat farming less environmentally damaging: by adding a gene which would make the plants release a pheromone that aphids use to warn each other of danger, the researchers hope that it will reduce pest attacks and thus allow farmers to use less pesticide. Actual supporters of environmentalism, as opposed to kneejerk technophobes, should support the efforts. It is also safe....Don't vote Green until they drop the anti-science zealotry – Telegraph Blogs: